Paket Inverter PLTS On Grid

Paket Inverter PLTS On Grid

Inverter Ongrid ini didesain khusus merubah energi panas dengan tegangan tertentu dan akan di rubah menjadi tegangan ac yang menjadi sinkron dalam sistem pengembangan di rumah tersebut.


  • Max 97.6% efficiency
  • Real time precise MPPT algorithm for max harvest
  • Wide input voltage operation range

Low maintenance cost

  • Detachable cover for easy installation
  • Rust-free aluminum covers
  • Flexible monitoring solution
  • Multi function relay can be configured to show various inverter information

All in one. Flexible and economical system solution

  • Free site selection due to IP65
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to “Plug & Play” connection
  • Interface selection-Wi-Fi/RS485/GPRS
  • 4”LCD display

Intelligent grid management

  • Reactive power adjustable
  • Self power reducer when over frequency
  • Remote active/reactive power limit control
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